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TCC Tooling Planks
Axson :: Tool Chemical :: TCC Tooling Planks ::
CASS Polymers manufactures a full line of Tool Chemical Composites CNC Tooling Planks for computer generated shapes such as models, fixtures, patterns, foundry patterns, core boxes, stretch-press dies, stamping dies and prototype tools. Our line of tooling planks are designed to be a light weight, tough and cost effective alternative to various metals and wood. Several shared characteristics of these planks are excellent dimensional stability, high wear resistance, ease of machining, no grain and low dust when machining.
TCC Tooling Planks are used for everything from styling, models, checking fixtures and prototype injection molds to foundry tooling, composite tooling and vacuum forming. TCC Tooling Planks are available in a variety of sizes and most sizes are typically in stock.
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TCC Tooling Planks  

  DP-1051 Die Plank®
A grey aluminum filled polyurethane board designed for CNC machining of production fixtures... 
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  FP-1050 Fixture Plank®
A white, filled urethane Tooling Plank developed specifically to be a light-weight, tough, and cost effective alternative to aluminum...... 
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  MP-1055 Model Plank®
A urethane based Tooling Plank specifically developed as an economical and dimensionally stable material for master models. 
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  MP-1065 Salmon Model Plank®
A medium density polyurethane modeling and styling board which has excellent dimensional stability. 
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  MP-1075 Intermediate Temperature Model Plank®
A higher temperature urethane tooling and model plank designed to be heat resistant up to 225°F. 
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  PP-1052 HD Pattern Plank®
A polyurethane board that is designed for machining extremely durable and wear resistant foundry patterns... 
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  PP-1052 Pattern Plank®
The original "Red Stuff®" is designed for machining extremely durable and wear resistant foundry patterns, core boxes and........... 
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  MP-1054 Model Plank®
A tough, durable board designed for use in forming metal parts for prototype and low-volume production. 
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